Matrix IMA is a leader in forensic architecture, snow and cold country design, and architectural consulting services such as peer review and quality assurance. And our highly experienced staff has deep roots in the general practice of architecture, having designed thousands of projects of all types and overseen their construction. This unusual breadth and depth of professional expertise, along with the synergies produced by our unique combination of major practice areas, enables us to deliver the highest quality work to a broad range of clients.


Our staff has won more than 50 awards for excellence in architectural design and is widely published in architectural technical journals. And Matrix IMA’s relatively small size allows our senior professionals to participate personally in all projects, thus maintaining high standards of quality and consistency.

Matrix IMA’s professionals average more than 10 years of experience in forensic architecture and more than 25 years in architectural design, engineering coordination, and construction administration. Our architects are licensed in 18 states and Guam.

Matrix IMA’s architects have extended the boundaries of our profession’s technical and practical knowledge. Just two examples:

Matrix IMA is adept at both diagnosing problems and solving them. Just two examples:
Matrix IMA’s Core Strengths