Project: Boreal Ridge Ski Lodge and Master Plan*
Client: Boreal Ridge Corporation
Location: Norden, California (Donner Summit, Interstate 80)
Recognition: National AIA Honor Awards, master plan and
                        ski lodge
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parapet keeps snow accumulation within the desirable range: A good blanket of snow on the roof provides insulation, helping to retain building heat and thus reduce energy costs. A flat roof also prevents ice dams and eliminates the hazard of snow loads dropping onto surrounding pedestrian areas. The roof slopes to internal drains, which are kept ice free by building heat.

At the roof, the direction of the joists reverses in each bay, which not only reduces the tributary load to the support beams but also heightens visual excitement in the interior. Carpeted floors control noise, and radiant-heated concrete slabs at the entry and deck promote snow removal.

An award-winning ski lodge that has successfully weathered many winters and proved to be easily expandable. Because the modular bay components were prefabricated, construction during the very short building season was economical and efficient. And expansions were more easily accomplished and less expensive than they would have been with a more traditional structure. Two years after the original 10,000-square-foot lodge was built, Boreal Ridge expanded the facility to 20,000 square feet. In the project’s 13th year, the lodge was nearly doubled in size once again to 35,000 square feet. Additional lodge facilities include a ski rental shop, a bar, a cafeteria that seats 450 people, and a children’s play area.

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* Under the direction of Ian Mackinlay (principal in charge).
   Architect of record: MWM Architects of Oakland, California
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