[ IMA Announces New Ownership]

San Francisco, CA- March 9, 2007

Ian Mackinlay Architecture, Inc. (IMA) is pleased to announce new shareholders and expanding operations.

Today, San Francisco-based Ian Mackinlay Architecture, Inc. announced that Philip R. Croessmann, Esq, AIA, Steven L. Biegel, AIA, Jeff Luney, AIA and Katherine Craig have become shareholders in IMA. In addition, Philip R. Croessmann, attorney and architect, assumed the role of President of IMA. Ian Mackinlay, FAIA, will continue to work with IMA and to lead the forensic and cold weather design aspect of the practice.

IMA, founded in 1990 by Ian Mackinlay, FAIA, is a leader in forensic architecture including expert analysis and testimony regarding architectural design and construction defects, building code compliance, water intrusion issues, and remedial design and reconstruction. Areas of expertise include snow and cold country design, and consulting services such as peer review and quality assurance.

Mr. Croessmann intends to expand the IMA practice nationally by opening new offices in Washington, DC and Los Angeles, CA. Currently, IMA has operations in San Francisco, California and Lafayette, Colorado.

[ Architecture, Engineering, & Terrorism ]

Ian Mackinlay delivers his paper, "9/11: Could the Terrorists Have Expected the World Trade Towers to Fall?" at the at the Western Council of Construction Consumers Outlook 2004 conference in Los Angeles.

[ Mad About Luney and Nutter ]

Jeffrey K. Luney joins IMA as Business Manager and Christopher Nutter returns as Design Director. Learn more...

[ IMA Paper Accepted at 2004 International Conference of Snow Engineering ]

Ian Mackinlay and Rick Flood will deliver their paper, "Snow Distribution on Complex Roofs" at the Fifth International Conference on Snow Engineering in Davos, Switzerland in July 2004.