6213 Skyline Drive Suite 100 Houston, Texas 77057   Ph. 713-522-1666  Fax 713-522-6260
6213 Skyline Drive Suite 100 Houston, Texas 77057   Ph. 713-522-1666  Fax 713-522-6260
The Moorhead Junior High/Caney Creek High School
Conroe Independent School District, Texas

The Moorhead Junior High/Caney Creek Senior High School located in Conroe, Texas is a
2000 student junior and senior high school supporting grades 7th through 12th grade at one
complex. The complex was built in two-phases with a combined area for both schools of
350,000 SF. The program challenge was to build a middle school and a high school next to one
another while maintaining a separate identity for each school. Although there is some shared
space, it was desirable to provide some separation between younger and older students. After
hours the facility is used as a community center for adult education, recreation and cultural
activities. A critical goal of the architectural program focused on preserving the natural beauty
of the site.
With the complex located on the corner of two streets, separate drives and entrances were
developed for each school, as well as staff, visitor and student parking.  To protect students
from cross-traffic, the administrative offices were located at the center of the complex.  The
students from each school share the library and gymnasiums. Each school has its' own main
street. The disciplines included in the facility include academic classroom wings and vocational
shops, a multi-use teaching theater and library.  Athletic facilities include two gymnasiums,
locker rooms, dressing rooms and weight rooms.  Support spaces include a separate dining
room with a shared kitchen.  A 600-seat auditorium is planned for a future phase.

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